Perfect 👌 Ways to Overcome ✌️ First Date Jitters 😰 ...

Looking for ways to overcome first date jitters?

There are some girls who are fortunate to not get the jitters before a first date. However, this is for you shy girls who do. You worry about everything, from your hair to your lipstick to your clothes...just to name just a few. The things on this list will help you be prepared and confident. So, here are the best ways to overcome first date jitters.

1. Mentally Make up a List of Questions

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For example, ask about his first concert, what he likes to cook,
if he's into social media or not, his weirdest job, his favorite food, whether he likes coffee or tea...having stuff to talk about is one of the best ways to overcome first date jitters.

2. Play Some Funky Music

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For example, James Brown or The Gap Band. You'll boogie the night away!

3. Dress Realistically

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How are you going to feel if you cannot breathe or can barely walk in those heels?

4. Pick a Familiar Location

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You will feel more at ease and safe (just in case he ends up being a creeper).

5. Don't Worry about a First Kiss

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Think of him as a friend first.

6. Be You

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Instead of who you think he wants you to be, just be yourself.

7. Take Deep Breaths

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A common and well-known stress reliever technique, deep breaths will keep you calm and happy.

8. Have a Drink

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Have a glass of wine. If you don't drink wine, have a cup of tea. Pick a special flavor to commemorate the date.

9. Religion and Politics

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Some say to steer away from these topics. However, if you are passionate about either or both, go for it. The fire in you will be a total turn-on to him.

10. Spray on a Comfortable Scent

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For example, "Far Away" by Avon. This will make you feel warm and inviting.

Do any of these 10 ideas made sense to you? He is probably just as nervous as you! Do another check. You may have just conquered the jitters and are on your way to a beautiful date.


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