7 Ways to Overcome Infidelity ...


7 Ways to Overcome Infidelity ...
7 Ways to Overcome Infidelity ...

Learning how to overcome infidelity is crucial if you want to save a relationship after an affair. It may feel impossible because it’s a devastating experience that makes you question your self-worth, your relationship and even your sanity. Ladies, stay strong because I’m going to share with you 7 ways to overcome infidelity. Whether you save the relationship or not is up to you, but eventually, if you want to salvage the relationship, you've got to learn to get over infidelity.

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End Contact

Your partner should promise to end all contact like phone calls, e-mails and text messages with the other woman. If the woman is his co-worker, he should keep contact to a minimum and only discuss work matters. You can’t move forward in a relationship and overcome an affair if your partner is still emotionally attached to the other woman. If he tells you that he is in love with the other woman and can’t end the affair, it’s time to send him packing because you deserve better!


Dissect the Affair

Once the shock has passed, acknowledge the affair in its entirety. Express your feelings of betrayal, anger, devastation and distrust with your partner so he knows how the affair has affected you. Avoid suppressing your feelings because you will start resenting your partner. Ask about the details even if it’s painful to learn them. You want details such as: the length of the affair and the way he feels about the other woman, finally, you'll want to know if the affair is over.


Examine the Relationship

Examine the relationship to identify the problems that made your partner feel that he had to go outside of the relationship to get his needs met. Discuss the things that are lacking in your relationship so both of you can change things. This is an important way to get over infidelity. You'll want to discuss the ways each of you contributed to drifting apart so you can prevent it in the future. You should be as open as possible, that way you won't have to worry about your partner cheating in the future.


Build Your Trust

Your partner should be willing to be held accountable for his daily activities even if he feels its unnecessary. Your partner should be an open book and tell you everything that he does until you feel that you can trust him again. It takes a long time to rebuild the trust and security you had in your relationship. If your partner is hesitant on telling you his whereabouts, then ask him how serious he is about saving your relationship. While it might seem like you are infringing upon his day, he's got to build your trust back somehow.


Rekindle Your Relationship

Rebuild your relationship by rekindling the love and passion that you share. Go on romantic dates that are fun, that way you can enjoy each others company like you did when your relationship was new. Go to your favorite spots such as a restaurant or park, and reminisce about the great times you have spent there. Find ways to show that you love and appreciate each other.


Give It Time

Getting over an affair is a long, difficult process that takes equal effort from both spouses. There are a variety of ways to overcome infidelity but most of all it takes time and patience. Although your husband or boyfriend cheated, you need to forgive him. Give him a chance to prove that he is committed to your relationship. You want to ensure that both of you are committed though. Remember, it takes time on both parts and it is going to be hard, but if your relationship is worth it, the time will work out.



If you are finding it too difficult to overcome an affair, it’s time to seek outside help. Sometimes a couple can’t talk about the affair without screaming matches and frustrating arguments that go nowhere. A marriage counselor can help you work out your disagreements and teach you effective ways to solve your problems. You want to find a therapist that is going to work on your marriage. A marriage or even a relationship can be saved after an affair, it just takes a lot of time.

A marriage or relationship can survive and become stronger after an affair if both people want to put in the necessary effort. With time you can repair the damage that has been done and rebuild your relationship. Ladies, do you know of other useful ways to overcome infidelity that will save a relationship?

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hi there so recently i found my man watching porn and beibg very very srcretive with his iphone??? and i also found a few dating websites? now should i be worried about him watching porn. now he other night he wad out till 2 in the morning and when he came back in i noticed his watch was off and it was in his coat pocket advice anybody

My husband cheated on me and I decided to forgive him. But the thing is I don't know who the other woman is. I thought I was over it but like I don't even know who it is he shouldn't be having contact with. I get all paranoid at times.

My ex cheated on me just to break up with me 2 weeks ago. I've learnt that was a cowards way out and I am moving on, but I can feel the anxiety of trusting again. Wish he could have just told me he didn't love me anymore.

I've been in this situation and found it best to just end the relationship. No matter how much it wound up hurting us both, it was a good decision because some guys are just natural cheaters and do it in every relationship, like my ex did.

She was the other woman. The Marriage Counselor should be a Pastor or a senior citizen with facial hair, and a hand bag.

I've been married for 5 years my husband cheats constantly for no reason i'''''m giving him everything and he is never satisfied with me our marriage. as long a he can come and go as he please and do whatever he wants we are cool. but as soon as I confront him He says stuff like - Your crazy - I'm tired of u accusing me - if you don't like our marriage leave. get out of my face - you are mentally abusing me by acusing me. where do I go from here

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