5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship ...


5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship ...
5 Ways to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship ...

Jealousy is an emotion that often occurs in relationships, but there are ways to overcome jealousy in a relationship. It's totally normal to have moments of jealousy come up every now and then but, being too jealous won’t work. The worst phases of jealousy are getting mad, feeling guilty and feeling insecure. Below are 5 ways to overcome jealousy in a relationship, let go of envy and move from jealousy to generosity.

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Talk about It

Negotiation is essential. You’ve got to tell him how you feel about his new friend and ask questions to understand his point of view. This way you can work on things together. Everything should be made clear, assumptions really won’t help. That's one of the best ways to overcome jealousy in a relationship.


Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to others is at the root of jealousy. The ultimate truth is that you are who you are. And it is completely wrong to change your identity. So the next time you’re feeling jealous of someone, know that he chose you for being you in the first place.


Let Go of Previous Experiences

You might have been cheated on in the past, which is likely why you feel jealous when another girl approaches your guy. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Let go of your past experiences and bond with your present. Know that with every man you meet, there will be a new situation that is different than the previous one.


Practice Gratitude and Happiness

Here’s a truth. Jealousy makes you count the blessings of others instead of your own. This makes for a loss of gratitude and leaves you nothing to fight for. Instead, practice gratitude, know your worth and embrace your self confidence.


Don’t Play Games

Being too jealous is dangerous because it might expose the worst side of you. No matter how much you demand and are in need of your partner’s attention, remember to avoid playing mind games. I know the result is a quick fix, but the consequences lead to negative trust issues between you and your partner. So just don't do it.

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