9 Ways to Play It Cool without Seeming Cold ...


9 Ways to Play It Cool without Seeming Cold ...
9 Ways to Play It Cool without Seeming Cold ...

Ladies, did you know that there was tons of different ways to play it cool in front of a guy? That way, you don't seem desperate for his attention and you'll seem like you can take him or leave him. Below, I've got the top 9 ways to play it cool without seeming like you are super cold. Pay attention ladies, that way you can start to play it cool too!

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The first way to play it cool is to relax! Nobody can touch you and nobody can tell you what to do. Relax a bit and don't tense up. As soon as you start tensing up, it might seem a little cold to the guy you are trying to play it cool for!


Have a Sense of Humor

Playing it cool does not mean you have to be a stick in the mud at all, have a sense of humor! Let yourself come out a little in your humor. If you have a unique and different sense of humor, who knows, the guy you are trying to land could have the exact same sense of humor!


Be Yourself

Above all, when you are looking for ways to play it cool is to be yourself. If you aren't yourself, who are you trying to be? Trust me on this one ladies, the top way to play it cool is to let yourself and your personality shine through!


Don’t Look down on People

Playing it cool is never something you should flaunt in someone else's face and talk down to them. Just because you are trying to be cool, doesn't mean you need to make fun of or poke fun at the guy you are trying to land. I know that a lot of the time, when I'm trying to play it cool, my mean side comes out and it's hard to reign in. Don't be like me ladies!


Present Yourself in a Positive Way

Always, always, always present yourself in the most positive way you can. That way, your guy can see that even though you are just trying to play it cool, you are still a great person to be around. Learning the ins and outs of all of the different ways to play it cool is hard in the beginning, but it does get easier!


Be Friendly

One of the ways to play it cool is just to be friendly to the guy you are trying to land! Talk to him about his interests, keep him engaged in the conversation. Compliment him. These are all great ways to show just how friendly you really are – and how cool you are!


Be Coy

Playing hard to get is one of the best ways to keep a guy interested and one way to play it cool! Being coy is part of all of that! Don't reveal everything right away, don't approach him first but make it obvious you are staring at him!


Subtle Flirting

Flirting is absolutely a great way to play it cool but also make sure that you are comfortable. Subtle flirting can be anything from touching his arm to complimenting him and making eye contact. Just a little subtle flirting can go a very long way!


In the context of love and relationships, subtle flirting can be a powerful tool. It allows for a playful and flirty dynamic without being too forward or overwhelming. Some examples of subtle flirting include light physical touch, such as touching his arm or shoulder, giving compliments, and making eye contact. These small gestures can convey interest and attraction without being too obvious or pushy. Additionally, subtle flirting can help build rapport and chemistry with someone, making them more likely to reciprocate your feelings. It's important to remember to always be respectful and genuine in your flirting, as it can be a delicate balance in the early stages of a relationship.


Be Confident

Finally, the last way to play it cool that we are going to talk about is confidence. I know that confidence is hard for a lot of girls, but it is absolutely the best way to play it cool and hook your guy. Just be confident ladies and he'll love it!

See ladies! There are tons of different ways to play it cool without seeming like you are cold. These are just a few of the ways to play it cool that have worked for me, what about you? Any I haven't listed?

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