5. Make Yourself Feel Good

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Girls, of course no one likes to feel rejected. Our first thought is to jump to "I am not enough." Instead of putting all your attention into feeling sorry for yourself and changing who you are to be liked, focus on enjoying your womanhood.

If a guy doesn't like you it usually has to do with his own stuff, unless you are "that crazy girl" I mention often in my articles. Go for a massage, a manicure/pedicure, even a nice hike for some fresh air. If you feel like crying, throw on A Walk To Remember and grab a bowl a popcorn. Anything to take your mind off that boy, and put it onto yourself in a positive light.

Stop Trying and Accept It


I used to be very shy and this boy helped me gaining self-confidence. I've been really into him from the beginning but insted of telling him how I felt I just became more friend with him. The bond we have right now is something special and I'm not sure he
Anne Suhail
What im supposed to do if my crush is a playboy? Hmmm so frustrating
emily faith
I totally need advice on this topic! I asked this guy out an he rejected me. So im going to need some help!
Well, I got rejected, and I feel so bad. I gave a letter to my crush, took it then threw it on the floor. He'd never acted like that before! He was always this kind quiet boy, and now I feel as if he absolutely hates me now.
hi iam really serious about my friend,he know that i like him now vr my friendship is over because he was not interested in me.i stil like him n want to marry him now he is searching a bride for him h...
This really helped, thank you!
there is this guy i have spoken to once it was only his name i asked.he always stare at me without laughing and today he saw me and immediately looked at his phone as if he was doing something busily ...
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