6. Stop Trying and Accept It

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There comes a point in our lives where we feel we will never get over that certain person. From experience, you do finally move on. If you are dwelling over the same crush for months on end, just give it up. It's a hard truth but sometimes you need to stop trying and accept the fact he doesn't like you. Why spend all your time going after and obsessing about someone, who isn't into you?

All that energy can be focused on you, your friends, work, life, etc. The more you try and focus on something, the bigger it gets in a negative way. A lot of times letting go of the obsession creates a freedom, and a gift. The gift can come in different ways, like now that you are not fawning over this boy, you became more appealing to him. Or because you stopped spending your time focused on him, you opened your eyes up to see all the other men that are available to you. This is the toughest way to react when he doesn't like you.

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Putting these into practice now!
ChloΓ© Evelyn Lamb
Keeping a distance is better than having to even say a hello I try to avoid walking near the guy even when in the same room just makes things a lot less of an issue IMO
ChloΓ© Evelyn Lamb
I've done this it works and it makes it much easier to let go delete the number ...pray that the obsession b lifted.. no man is worth free rent inside your head . This happened to be and next thing u...
Meagan Peters
I just think it's his lost, not mine ;)
rocky possum
I wish this was that easy!
@Naomi Louise Scott So True
I seriously needed this today! You are spot on.
Naomi Louise Scott
Move on and find someone else! Don't rub your male friends in his face, or play games because at the end of the day he doesn't care!
Well... These are good. I thought this wouldn't apply to my situation because I'm married ( not getting into detail), but it actually does.
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