7 Ways to Read His Body Language ...

By Heather

Learning all of the ways to read his body language is not easy is it? Guys are just as hard as girls to figure out sometimes, but girls, I've got the low down. Do you have a crush that you can't read his body language yet but want to learn? Well, I've got the guide on ways to read his body language and how you can tell if he is interested! So girlies, you ready to learn all of the ways to read his body language?

Table of contents:

  1. eyebrow raise
  2. nostril flare
  3. parted lips
  4. fidgets
  5. preening gestures
  6. hair messing
  7. stays close

1 Eyebrow Raise

The first way to read his body language that we're going to explore is his eyebrows. Do you constantly see your crushes eyebrows raised up? Does he look at you and then arch his brows? Well girls, then that means he's interested! Guys only raise up their eyebrows if they are really interested in something – so take it as a good sign if he looks surprised!

2 Nostril Flare

Oh the old nostril flare. See, most girls would take this as a bad sign, but ladies, a guy will only flare his nostrils really if he is trying to catch the scent of something sweet but doesn't want to make it obvious. It means that he likes being around you, that he likes how you smell! This is one of the ways to read his body language that is typically overlooked.

3 Parted Lips

Parted lips on a guy is another body language piece that is constantly overlooked and ladies, it's actually a sign that he is nervous, a sign that he is speechless, which is a sign that he actually does like you. If you constantly see your crushes lips parted, it might be a good time to approach him!

4 Fidgets

Oh man, the fidgets. Us girls fidget when we are nervous right? It only makes sense that a boy would fidget too when he is around someone that he likes. So girls, if you see your crush constantly fidgets when he is around you, it's a good sign!

5 Preening Gestures

You know how we constantly are brushing our eyebrows back or messing with how our shirt fits with our crush is around? This is another way to read his body language! If he is constantly preening around you, it just means that he likes you!

6 Hair Messing

Next up, hair messing. Don't you constantly mess with your hair when you are with your crush? If you see him doing the same, it's definitely a sign that your crush likes you!

7 Stays Close

Finally, a guy doesn't stay close to a girl that he is not attracted to. So girls, if your crush is constantly close to you and constantly edging in closer and closer, that definitely means that he likes you!

Guys are hard to read and keeping up with all of the different ways to read his body language is hard! So girls, what other ways to read his body language are out there? Any not listed?

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