Genius πŸ’‘ Ways to Regain πŸ”‹ Your Sex Drive 😘 for Girls Who Lost πŸ” Their Mojo 😏 ...


Sometimes, your sex life can get fragile and you need ways to regain your sex drive. Sometimes, it can even stop and passion may disappear. Various factors could be responsible for a morose sexuality. Time at work can be long, leaving us with no time for sex. Weather changes may affect our body in a way that we feel less stimulated. Food also plays a critical role in a healthy sex life. Fatty, oily food and alcohol are a no-go as they make the body and mind confused.

What to do when our sex life vanishes? How to revive the passion? Where to find the vibrant fire again? Here are some ways to regain your sex drive.

1. Rediscover Your Body

One of the best ways to regain your sex drive is to tune into your own body. Our sexual self is a reflection of our inner self, and if our inner self is sick, then our sexual self may be affected. It’s important to love yourself as you are: fat or skinny, old or young, introvert or extrovert. All you have to do is build up your sexy self again. Get new makeup and a new haircut, and purchase great clothing to showcase your sensual, sexy self. Express yourself as much as possible to translate your inner self and expand your own happiness. Take care of your body. Enjoy bubble baths and sleep well.

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