8 Ways to Rekindle an Old Flame ...


Have you been dying to find out all of the ways to rekindle an old flame? Have you been trying to find the right ways to rekindle an old flame but none of your attempts have worked? There are some things that you've got to take into account when you are exploring another relationship with an ex. There are feelings to consider and you have to wonder, is it worth it? If you feel it is, take a look below!

1. Make Sure You Are Ready to Recreate a Relationship

If you're really looking for ways to rekindle an old flame, you've got ask yourself if you are ready to recreate that relationship. Are you ready to pursue something that you might have let go years ago? Do you think that he's ready? These are all questions that you've got to ask yourself before you instantly start to rekindle some of those feelings.

Is He Dating Someone?


chadlee doran
ok my ex and i split late august, we connnected in every possible way, but things went sour, due to my own actions, i didnt cheat or anything like that she we split up and she got back with her ex who...
Sheila Azhar
Okay, I dated this guy for 6 months and we both really liked each other. I just broke up with my long term ex-bf and he's in the Navy. We broke up after one drunk night. Since then we had some time ap...
Heather Jensen
Have you tried to flirt with him in person at all? That might be the key, that way you can really get to know him a bit!
Hey Heather. There's this guy who I've been talking to since August. At the time it was the end of our summer holidays so we were still both out of the country on vacation. Anyways we got on really we...
Heather Jensen
Mmm, great idea! :) Will do!
Heather, you should definitely do some tips for long distance relationships and how to go about them when things don't work out. Definitely need some tips on how to get him back ;) hahaha.
Heather Jensen
Hi Morgan! I wouldn't go for him if he is with someone. That'll get you nowhere.
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