6 Exceptional πŸ‘ Ways to Romance 😘 Your Man πŸ’ ...

Looking for some ways to romance your man? Just as we women love to be romanced, men love to be romanced as well. We shouldn’t let them be the only ones doing the romancing. There are many ways we can show our men that we adore them. Here are a few easy ways to romance your man.

1. A Love Note

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Taking the time to hand write a note to your love will be something he enjoys. It can be long and romantic, or short and sweet. Even better, surprise him by sneaking it into his work lunch, his wallet, jacket pocket, or car. A love note is one of the perfect ways to romance your man.

2. Get Him Beer

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After a hard day at work, your man will want to unwind. Surprise him by getting his favorite beer or liquor and having it already cold in the fridge for him.

3. Take Him on a Date

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Plan a surprise date night by taking him to his favorite restaurant, and you pay. Men are usually the ones who take us on a date, so he’ll love you pampering him with a date for a change.

4. Send Him a Sexy Text

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Whether it’s flirty or a more detailed naughty text, brighten up his day by sending him a sexy text. You could even take it a step further by telling him what naughty things you’d like to do with him later in the bedroom.

5. Cook Him a Meal

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Cook for him, but don’t just making anything, make his favorite meal. As the saying goes, β€œthe way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

6. Get Handsy

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For most men, touch is their love language. Embrace the art of touch and touch your man often. Rub his back, rest your hand on his leg when you sit with him, hold his hand or grab his butt. Just keep putting your hands on him.

What are some other ways you like to romance your man? Share your tips in the comments!

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