9 Ways to Rope a First Boyfriend in ...


Following first boyfriend tips is hard! If you've never had a boyfriend and have no idea how to go about getting one, it's really difficult to learn all of the first boyfriend tips you need to rope a boyfriend in. So ladies, I've compiled my top 9 first boyfriend tips that'll help you get a first boyfriend and really get you started on your first relationship!

1. Becomes Friends First

It might not work in every case, but becoming friends first is a great first boyfriend tip to follow. That way you know that you are going to get along and that you share some common interests. That's the key ladies, finding common ground that will really make sure that you are compatible with one another!

Get to Know Him


Heather Jensen
Hey Alex! Have you tried to up the flirting with him? Do that and see how he responds!
I really like this shy guy but I'm not sure he likes me. He does a lot of stuff that shy guys do when they like someone, but I'm too afraid to ask him out!
Sheila Joseph
Hey sweetie, I can't really make the decision for you but if you really like him a lot, I think the risk is worth it. You won't find out what you share if you don't give it a chance! Good luck hun and thank you for stopping by AWS!
What if I've done all of these to my crush (best friend for 5 years) but I haven't asked him out because I'm too scared he's not willing to take our friendship to risk? Should I let it be and trust he...
Hey R, Welcome to AWS! I think you should talk to him and figure out what happened. If it's because you didn't say "I love you too" right away, you need to let him know that you were just taken aback ...
I'm really really scared that I messed up! Okay so I like this guy and he told me he liked me. I told him that I liked him too. So then we texted a lot and he called me beautiful and we have so much i...
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