21 Ways to Seduce a Man with Just One Touch ...


How to Seduce a Man with just one look, one touch and one feeling is easy if you know how to do it! Ladies, if you're finding it hard to get your man behind closed doors, I have just the trick for you! Below, I've got the low-down on how to seduce a man with just a touch! I promise, after you start to put some of these how to seduce a man tips into practice, he's going to constantly be after you!

1. Flirt

When you've been with your man a while, you forget how much fun flirting used to be! Well ladies, why not turn up the heat on your flirting? Run your finger down his chest, detail out what you want, flirt with him the way you used to. I promise, it'll make all of the difference!

Be Confident


Ravi Kumar
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But 5 of those points don't involve any touching. :)
Not sure what you mean. There are 7 point sin all :)
I noted only 2 touches in the whole list instead of the 7 I was expecting.
So so true! :P xx
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