2. Double Date

Sometimes I think of double dating as the easy way out because it can feel like four people hanging out and it eliminates a lot of anxiety from both parties. But nevertheless, if you know two friends who would be great for each other, setting up a double date is one of the classic ways to set up your friends. And if your friends seem like they are hitting it off, you and your significant other can always part company and leave them to themselves.

Have a Party


@Jessica, just be yourself, start of just by saying like how are you? And then if the conversation isn’t going anywhere just be yourself and talk about things u both like like the music u were talki...
I want to set up to of my friends, they both know eachover rlly well and they both have a crush on the other. I have parents ppl up before but this time it is harder and I did it once and I had a big ...
My friend wants to me to meet one of her boyfriend's good friends. She says we're both really funny and like the same music. Im nervous about how to act when we meet. Got any tips?
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