6. Get a Little Jealous

This technique to show a guy you like him was told to me by more then one guy. I'm not saying come off as cold and mean because your date is checking out another girl or runs into someone they know. But, a guy likes to know it may bother you a bit that he's checking someone out. He'd feel a little insecure too if you were checking out another guy.

Coming off a little bit as a green eyed monster is a way to show a guy you like him. Think of it this way, if a guy didn't get a bit jealous when another guy hits on you, your thought process would be that maybe he doesn't care because he isn't into you. Same goes for a guy. Here's a hint, even if you are a secure girl who doesn't get jealous, which is great, why not fake it a little! It may just turn your guy on and the after date could turn into a much more pleasurable night for the both of you!

Surprising Him at Work


The guy I like has gone to university so it's hard for me to see him enough to use all the tips plus we only talk now and again. I don't want to always be the first one to text. I'm going to meet up w...
Heather Jensen
That's awesome Eliza!! :)
I took your advice, and after a few weeks of doing all this, the guy i liked told me he liked me!! He even asked me to senior prom! thank you so much, this stuff really does work!!
Chloeneedshelp!: there is this supercute guy in my class, we are actually good friends, when we were 5 we got "married" but now were 13, i really like him... i think he may like me too, but i think he...
ive just started collage and ive made some good friend but ive also made a very speical friend that ive fallen in love with but we kiss and we hug and we enjoy each others company but he said hes sc...
Heather Jensen
Hey Little! Have you tried any of the tips above? They really work!
im a 7th grader and im trying to get this guys attention but i cant were not in the same class so its even harder
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