7. Surprising Him at Work

Ladies, this is something I would suggest doing later on in your dating journey rather than just after a few dates. Showing up right away to your man's work is a little stalkerish and creepy, which isn't the biggest turn on.

After a good amount of dates and you both feel secure in how you feel about each other, surprising him at work is a sweet gesture to show a guy you like him. It lets him know you want to see him with out needing to do any date activity. Don't be shocked if he is busy or in his own head, but instead grab a girlfriend and head out for a drink where he works. If you act coy and wait for him to contact you after work he'll be sure to say, "thank you for coming in, it made my night", which he's been dying to tell you since he saw you!

Sweet Messages


#suggestion don't care what everyone else says just do it get to knowhim first and then ask
this guy told me he liked me then stopped texting me all the sudden and i don't know what to do i mean i have boyfriend and stuff but he treats me badly and i want to get a new start with this guy what should i do.
I really like this guy, and I think he likes me, I chatted him on Facebook once and he responded we talked for a short time, awkward a bit but the next day at school he said hi to me.. I want to ask h...
what do you think of a distance relationship ? i met someone on line few months ago, then we trart trxting eachother on whatsapp, he'd never used it before till i told him about it, one day i send him...
@Allison Wagner, Just be yourself, alll guys like when your being you
I met this guy and we have been talking and flirting for about a month now, and I think i like him, because i always look forward to talking to him everyday, we have a few things in common and his ver...
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