8. Sweet Messages

Any of my friends will tell you that I have the hardest time sending a girlie, cutesy message to a guy. But they really do like to receive them and this is a sure fire way to show a guy you like him.

Keep in mind that you don't want to send him xoxo's and emoticons galore, but a simple picture about something that came up in a conversation you recently had is nice. Or send him a sweet, "You were on my mind and I just wanted to let you know". If you had a joke between the two of you and something reminded you of it, why not throw that out there as well. But don't be too random with the guy, remember to keep it in the context of something he can connect to.

Ask Him out


Lyndsie Robinson
Hey Chloe! That's so cute! And the good news is that, clearly, you already have romantic history! :D Seriously, though, at 13, boys -- they're fickle, but not maliciously so. They're starting pu...
Lyndsie Robinson
Hey EM, that's actually a really great idea for a post, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, I completely understand your fear and your reticence about not wanting to reach out first -- I'm that way ...
Lisa Harris
That's awesome Eliza! It's great to know that the advice here is really helping women in real life situations. All the best!
The guy I like has gone to university so it's hard for me to see him enough to use all the tips plus we only talk now and again. I don't want to always be the first one to text. I'm going to meet up w...
Heather Jensen
That's awesome Eliza!! :)
I took your advice, and after a few weeks of doing all this, the guy i liked told me he liked me!! He even asked me to senior prom! thank you so much, this stuff really does work!!
Chloeneedshelp!: there is this supercute guy in my class, we are actually good friends, when we were 5 we got "married" but now were 13, i really like him... i think he may like me too, but i think he...
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