9. Ask Him out

Don't be afraid to make a move and ask a guy out. Guys are so simple and most of the time they can never make up their minds on what to do on a date. It's such an attractive quality when you can ask a guy out and give him options on things to do. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but if you aren't sure if he's into you this is the way to find out.

You're putting it out there on the table and he's either gonna take it or leave it. If he takes it you are automatically showing a guy you like him because you want to see him. If he has an idea on something to do, great let him do it, otherwise have a back up and go have fun! You can always ask a guy to hang out more then once, but not too often, remember to give him his space. If you aren't hearing from him in the mean time it may be a sign to move on. Don't do all the work, you deserve more!

Remember Things He Tells You


Hannah Dyer
Theres this guy that i go to school with, and he always takes my hats and runs away with them when i try to get it back, and he is always hanging out with other guys, so i dont try to talk to him a lo...
Heather Jensen
I really hope that they work! These are some great tips, I promise. :)
Natashaa Brown
Thank you for this post! I'm in a situation now where I'm been dating a guy but I'm been having problems showing that I like him/affection. And it's been making things rather difficult. However I real...
So this guy I can call him n for his name ,I like him a lot intact now I have true faith in god and we make eye contact ,talk have maths together and hang in the same place the other day he came to ...
Heather Jensen
Totally sounds like he does Cassie!! I'd see if you could flirt a little more and see how he responds!
cassie figga
ok there is this guy that i really really really like! he has told me that from the first day that he saw me that he thought that i was really pretty. he is alway trying to make me laugh and i think h...
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