4. Don’t Say I Told You

To error is human nature, and sometimes regardless of their better judgement, they still make the mistake. Has there been a time when you told someone not to do something because you knew they would regret it, but they still did it anyway?

Yes, you knew better but telling someone "I told you so" is not going to make them feel better. The mistake is done and they too know they should have listened to you. Comfort them instead and remind them that everyone messes up, and that it is more important to learn from their mistake than to dwell on it.

Don’t Wait to Be Asked


Good one
I love this article..!!! Those three magical words would be more miraculous if added by these few gestures.. 😊
This is a well thought out and concise entry. I enjoyed the whole piece. Good work!
Love this ❤️
Beautiful, just beautiful. I love this ;)
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