15. Compliment Him

Everyone likes getting compliments and your significant other is no exception.Give him a genuine compliment on his appearance, his skills or anything you admire about him. It'll make him feel good and he'll appreciate the kind words.

Just keep in mind everyone likes to feel appreciated and special.

Having someone do little gifts for you or say something sweet goes a long way. There is no need to pull a Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, but anytime your thinking of your crush pick up the phone and tell them. As long as it isn't twenty times a day! Try these tips out, and who knows maybe because you did something nice you'll receive something in return!


@Paramvir Athwal, first not everyone theses days care about just sex okay and second learn how to spell
Thanks @KileyColeman you were a lot of help!
Paramvir Athwal
No love no care
Paramvir Athwal
Guys n girls !! In today world only thinks of sex they will have wen dey first met each other !!
Paramvir Athwal
Childish things
Lilly Self
@kiley You should do a article about how to get another girl if your a girl:)
Kiley Coleman
@Lauren absolutely girl. Check out my other articles to maybe see how to snatch that guy away from her ;)
I dont know the rest but that pic is damn hot 😝
Hey I have a friend who, I swear it's like she has a 6th sense, always detects when I have a crush on someone and starts to flirt with them. And she always gets their attention and i feel like it's be...
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