2. Be Hot and Cold

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One of the best ways to slay the dating game is being hot and cold. From the beginning of time, playing hard to get was one sure fire way to score a man. Well, Iโ€™m here to tell you how to do it. Honestly, I look at being hard to get as a way to just spend your time focusing more on you than blowing up the phone of someone you like. You donโ€™t need to always be available. If a guy texts you and asks you to hang out, have other plans. Make him work for it. Let him give you a second option for a date before saying yes.

When you are out together, one of the best hot and cold tactics is turning your flirt on and off. Being able to confuse a guy is a sure proof way to keep him around longer. Make flirtatious gestures like touching his shoulder when you laugh, caressing his thigh a few times when out to dinner, or complimenting him. Flip the switch and play a bit of an ice queen. Move your body away from him in conversation, if he asks you a question respond with a short answer defined as one to two words, or if he tries to start touching you pull away.

When talking during the โ€œin betweenโ€ time (time between dates), donโ€™t feel the need to constantly reach out to the guy first. IF A GUY IS INTO YOU HE WILL MAKE THE EFFORT. I always recommend sending a guy a sweet text after the first date along with the lines of, โ€œI had a great time with you. Thanks for a fun night!โ€, and then putting the ball in his court. Most guys are super insecure, and having that little gesture gives them the security that you are interested. Your part is complete. Now give the guy the opportunity to chase you. When it comes to responding, please donโ€™t feel like you need to drop everything you doing and respond to a guy in .5 seconds. He will wait. Sitting back and letting the guy do the work in the beginning of a dating relationship will really show you whoโ€™s showing up for you. If this guy is really interested, you will know, and if heโ€™s not, then at least you didnโ€™t waste your energy on someone not worth your precious time.

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