12 Ways to Slay πŸ—‘ the Dating Game πŸ‘« πŸ‘­ Every Woman Must Know ...

Have you lost your love mojo and looking for ways to slay the dating game?

How often do you find yourself talking to your friends about all the crappy dates, stupid f**kboys, and ex-boyfriends that royally suck? Do you find yourself thinking, β€œhow come I can’t get this dating thing to work?” or β€œwhy doesn’t the guy I’ve been talking to like me?”. Well, I am here to give you the best ways to slay the dating game. Whether you are looking to find your next boyfriend, an epic one night stand, or how to rock the first date, these ways to kill the dating game are all you need.

1. Online Dating

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Ladies and Gentleman, lets talk online dating. There are more apps than there are people it feels like, but online dating does work. Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, The League, and more, all these applications are great ways to meet people. This doesn’t mean you will find your soulmate, but it is awesome for someone who is a nervous dater to start gaining confidence, find some fun one night stands, make some new friends or even networking connections, and on the slim chance, you might just find yourself a bae.

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