7 Ways to Spice up Your Love Life ...


7 Ways to Spice up Your Love Life ...
7 Ways to Spice up Your Love Life ...

Does your love life need a little spicing up? Well, here are Ash's 7 tips on how to do just that. Thanks Ash for your spicy post :)

In every relationship, there comes a time when you need something new to create sparks. You love one another deeply but sex can become a boring routine. Here are some simple tips for reconnecting with your loved one inside and outside the bedroom.

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Set up a Date Night

«Couples should never stop courting», say most relationship counselors. Set up a date night with your partner so that the two of you can have some uninterrupted time together. Pick a time and consider it a treat and not one more thing on your to-do list. You could recreate your first date; visit the same place you went to and wear the same clothes you wore on that day. It will be fun to rewind to the past and also romantic to see how far you have come since then.


Make Your Partner Feel like a Movie Star

Go to a luxurious casino and dress up like stars and take your partner to a swanky casino bar. Enjoy some drinks, play poker or roulette a little and talk about the great casino movies and places you'd like to visit together in the near future.


Do Something Spontaneous

One of the best ways to keep your relationship from stagnating is to add some moments of spontaneity. This could be any spur-of-the-moment, «wild hair» idea, like taking her for a hot air balloon or ferry boat ride. Your partner will never forget the date or the fact that you have given him/her an extraordinary experience.


Play Games

If you and your partner enjoy card games, you should absolutely try your hand at strip poker or blackjack. Play one of your favorite games like Texas Holdem poker, but add the element of stripping. Any game can become erotic with a good imagination even scrabble and monopoly.


Get Busy Anywhere but Your Bed

Using the dining room table for something other than dining adds variety. Another reason to ditch the bed is that your partner might be tired and anytime he/she hit the mattress, he/she could just sleep.


Role Play in Bed

Dress up as someone else and enact you and your partner's secret fantasies. Try being a gardener and a bored housewife, a private tutor and a student, or even a boss and an employee.


Sensual Massages

Give each other a sensual massage without focusing on sex. Pleasure each other using yoni and lingnam massages. As long as the focus is on helping your partner orgasm, it’ll make both of you feel good.

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