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Breaking up is hard, but finding ways to stay friends with your ex's family is even harder. Sometimes the relationship just doesn't work, but during that time, you've gotten close with his parents, siblings or other relatives. You shouldn't have to end great friendships just because the two of you didn't last. Luckily, there are ways to stay friends with your ex's family that aren't incredibly awkward.

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Take Some Time Away

One of the best ways to stay friends with your ex's family is to give each other space for several months after the breakup. The family will understand you and your ex will likely feel awkward around each other at first. You can still talk on the phone or text, but let your ex's family be a safe zone for your ex for at least three or four months before trying to hang out with them again.


Stay Friends with Your Ex

While it's not always possible, try to stay on good terms with your ex. Once again, you may need a little time away from each other at first. If you can get along with your ex, it's easy to stay friends with his family as well. You should make it very clear to his family that the two of you are just friends. If the family does try to get the two of you back together, kindly ask them to stop to avoid making the situation uncomfortable.


Avoid Contact with Your Ex

If you and your ex didn't part on the best of terms, you should avoid talking to or hanging out with his family members when he's around. Be respectful of his time with his family. For best results, meet for drinks, lunch or dinner at restaurants he's not likely to be at. Don't go to family functions. Give your ex space and don't try to force him to be around you just so you can see his family.


Talk to Your Ex

It may not be the easiest conversation, but try to be upfront with your ex. Think of his family the same way as if the two of you were co-parenting. Explain that you've gotten close with his mom or sister. Try to reach a compromise that both of you are comfortable with. If possible, include his family so he can see firsthand that they want to stay friends with you as well.


Set Boundaries with the Family

If his family loved you, odds are they'll do anything they can to get the two of you back together. Explain to his family that the two of you are over and you have no plans to hook back up. Tell them if they want to stay close to you, they have to be respectful of the choice both of you made. Basically, set clear boundaries so they don't try to meddle.


Start with Small Gatherings

If everyone is willing, start trying to hang out with your ex's family a little at a time. Try once or twice a month at first. This will help you, his family and your ex become more comfortable with the situation. Expect a little awkwardness at first. After a few months, you'll settle into a rhythm that's right for everyone.


Be Respectful of Your Ex

If all your ex hears from his family is how you diss him every time you're with his family, neither him nor his family will like you very much. No matter how much you might dislike your ex, be respectful around his family. They love him dearly and won't be comfortable hearing about all the things he did wrong. Instead, try to avoid talking about your ex at all and focus on less volatile topics.

Just because your relationship is over, you don't have to cut off any relationships you made as a result. You can still be friends with his family and even mutual friends. It may take some time for everything to work out, but it will with a little hard work and patience. Have you ever managed to stay friends with your ex's family after a breakup?

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WHY !!! here is a better one! write about how family members (parents) become friends during your breakup! now THERE'S the drama! respect?? highly doubt it

Ihave good connection with them)

Who wants to stay in touch with the family of her ex? I never wanted to see him again and his ugly mother and monstruous sister were always undermining me, so I was glad to get rid of them for good, too.

I would not want to be friends with ex' family! They're all liars and covered for him when he was cheating. The worst people I've ever met.

and how is staying friends with the family fair to the new boy/girlfriend? or your new boy/girlfriend??

I've i was never close to my ex famliy . i really don't care to be friends with him or his family

Sometimes, when children are involved, you have to maintain some form of relationship with the ex and the family. Just be respectful and set boundaries...

An ex is an ex...you break up with the family too and move on

or just dont talk to them and find another boyfriend with a nice family 😮

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