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Read This if You Want to Stop Falling for the Wrong Men ...

By Holly

If you keep getting your heart broken, there are ways to stop falling for the wrong men. Most women have a hard time finding Mr. Right, but that doesn’t mean that he’s nonexistent. He’s out there somewhere, hoping that you’ll come along. If you’re sick of being hurt, here are some ways to stop falling for the wrong men:

1 Define 'Wrong'

Why are the men you liked in the past the ‘wrong’ men? Were they all bad boys that were mean to you, or did you just not click the way you were supposed to? One of the ways to stop falling for the wrong men is to sit down and really think about what made them wrong. By knowing what to look out for, it’ll be easier for you to avoid additional heartbreak in the future.

2 Do Different

In order to get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done before. If all of your exes were men you met at a particular bar, try going to a new location. Guys are everywhere. You could strike up a conversation with one at the gym or while online buying groceries. The opportunities are endless.

3 Find Flaws

When you first date a man, all you see are his positive traits. When he says or does something that is clearly a red flag, you dismiss it, because you’re optimistic. However, you shouldn’t refrain from thinking about his bad habits. No one is perfect, so there has to be something that you don’t like about him. Think about those things, and decide if they’ll lead to issues down the road. This exercise isn’t meant for you to tear apart every man you meet. It’s just a way for you to look at him realistically, instead of seeing what you want to see.

4 Outsider’s Opinion

This one can be a bit tricky, so find a friend whose judgment you trust. Introduce your new man to her, and see her reaction. If she likes him, that’s a good sign. If she isn’t a fan, then ask her why. If she can’t give you a good explanation, you can dismiss her opinion. However, if she can list off reasons why you should leave him, consider her advice.

5 Screen His Friends

While you can certainly have friends that differ from you, most of the time they’re a reflection of you. If your man has a group of rowdy, unappealing friends, take that into consideration. These aren’t his family members, so he’s not ‘stuck’ with them. These are the people he’s choosing to associate with.

6 Have Higher Standards

When you raise your standards, your world will start to change. This doesn’t mean that you should be overly picky, and turn down every guy that approaches you. It just means that you should recognize your worth, and never settle for less than you deserve. You’re a beautiful, incredible creature worthy of love. Make sure that you remember that.

7 Find Happiness Alone

Don’t you enjoy alone time? Everybody does, but no one wants to be alone constantly. However, if you’re not content being single, you may rush into a relationship with the wrong person. By being happy on your own, you won’t feel the need to jump into a man’s arms. You’ll only commit once you feel like you have a genuine connection.

In order to find your prince, you have to remember that you’re royalty. You deserve the best, so never settle for less. Are you always falling for the wrong men?

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