7. Make Love

Now this isn't the exact answer to fighting, but there can be something so intense about a fight between lovers, it happens. Sometimes our bodies are capable of expressing what our words cannot. It is a reason why it's called love making! This will lead to vulnerability in both of you, and allow for you to let your guards down, and just enjoy each other.

Pillow talk is always less aggressive, and will make for an open and honest, and will open up those lines of communication. Plus it will feel great just to be back in each others arms.

I'm sure you have heard this a million times over, but this really is the key to any healthy relationship, is communication. These are just 7 ways to stop fighting that I have used in my own relationships that has worked for me. From your own experiences, what ways have you used to stop fighting with a loved one?


When my husband and I fight, afterwards, he hold me in his arms and say all these sweet things to me. That always work and calm me down. ;))
In my case we have been constantly fighting lately and we both agree to do our best in the relationship but then again he does the wrong thing. Like repetitive mistakes. Why is that? Is it that he does not really care to be committed or what? Or truthful?
@Bronti Turvey there's always a way u can calm him down if he's really angry and insecure you can take a deep breath and hug him and tell him to calm down so the fight/argument does not keep going on ...
Bronti Turvey
What if he is really angry and insecure so you can't really walk away or take a deep breath because he's constantly jumping down your throat?
I just go outside and scream lol sounds stupid but I do I scream and take a deep breath and come back and tell my boyfriend to shut up now and it actually works :)
Hmmn i tried some of the list but nothing seems to work .
What about when the person is ignoring you for days? How do you deal with that when living with them?
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