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7 Ways to Switch off Your Feelings ...

By Heather

Learning all of the different ways on how to switch off your feelings is never, ever easy, but sometimes girls, it's necessary. How to switch off your feelings isn't something that you need to do all of the time, but when you are at work or even when you're trying to get over an ex, it's necessary. If you haven't mastered how to switch off your feelings, don't worry girls, I've got your back and I'll teach you some of the top ways to switch off your feelings so that you don't get hurt.

1 Develop a Thick Skin

The very first tip on how to switch off your feelings all revolve around developing a thick skin. I had to do this when I first started working and honestly, it's helped in every facet of my life. If you're in a relationship, you can't take every single thing personal, so developing a thicker skin can help you not fight with your boyfriend as much and really make it so that you aren't so sensitive.

2 Don't Let Him Hurt You

If he says something that is off the wall and could hurt you? Block it out! Don't let it hurt you! It'll actually make him mad probably that he can't hurt you -- or show him exactly how tough you are because you aren't letting anything hurt you. Give that a try girls, remember, you are the only person that can let anyone hurt you.

3 Distance Yourself

If you have to go through this step girls, you might want to reconsider your relationship. If your partner is constantly hurting you, constantly causing you to distance yourself, that's a sign that it might not be a healthy relationship for you and you might actually be better off with someone else. Distancing yourself from the situation can help make sure that you switch off your feelings.

4 Meditate

My mom meditates all of the time. It's one of those things that she does to escape, to really look down deep in herself and to really pull herself out. Meditating can actually help you get through any hurting or pain that you are feeling -- it's also a great way to really look inside yourself! I meditate when I feel hurt, it helps me get through the pain!

5 Do Not Think about It

Thinking about your feelings and dwelling on everything individually can actually hurt you more. I know it's hard, I know that you probably think I'm nuts -- but try it. Don't think about it, don't think about the situation, don't let those thoughts enter your mind. Do you feel better? Over thinking things can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and fights.

6 Know You Are Better than That

You are better than fighting girls, better than letting someone get control of your feelings. You should really be able to decide when you get hurt, when you are angry, when you are upset. These are all emotions that you are in charge of and while your partner might poke and prod, you've got to know when you can switch them off and just let things flow.

7 Start a Journal

Finally, a journal is a great way to get all of your emotions out and make sure that you are in control of them. I have a journal that I write in all of the time and it works for me! It allows me to really pour my emotions out into it and nobody can see them. Remember, your journal is your journal, you don't need to let anyone else see it!

So girls, there are tons of ways on how to switch off your emotions, these are just a few of them. Have you ever had to switch off your feelings? Tell us!

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