13. He Starts Flirting with Someone else

You thought things were going great and you thought your dating relationship would go to the next step. However, you noticed that he has started to flirt with one of your friends and now you're just confused. Is he trying to make you jealous or is he moving on?

It's hard when a guy is sending mixed signals, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying to hook him! Do you know of any guys sending mixed signals right now? What do you do?


@Anonymous message him on Facebook tell ing him how you feel and he has to see it and it might change his mind about you
I've liked this guys for years now , but he's in the military. No matter where he's at in the world be always sends me a message . He sends me mixed signals all the time ! Sometimes he's flirty and ot...
Sarah Tay
There's this guy I like who's friendly enough when I see him around and always talks about me with his best bud (a mutual friend of ours). He's the kind of guy that never replies his phone, so I'm not...
Heather Jensen
Hi Al! I'd say that you need to confront him, especially when kids are involved. You need to see where he stands.
There is a guy I'm falling for. We are both divorced with kids. Mine are teenagers and his are younger. He is hot and cold. When we are out he will pull me beside him while we walk or hold my hand for...
Heather Jensen
Hi Sharon! Firstly, I know it's hard to get over someone, but you've got to move on eventually, when it is right for you. You can't hate every single guy just because you had a broken heart. :( It's hard, but it'll be worth it!
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