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7 Ways to Tell if He's a Mama's Boy ...

By Heather

Mama's Boy's are so hard to spot aren't they? You could think that a guy is just being attentive to his mom, but truthfully, he's a mama's boy and you might not even know it! Well ladies, if you're looking for Mr. Right and are finding a bunch of Mr. Wrongs who favor their mother over you, I've got the top 7 ways you can tell if he's a mama's boy!

1 He Talks to Her Every Day

Now, I am not saying that a guy that talks to his mother every single day is horrible. In fact, for me, it's endearing, as I am close to my parents, however, it's when the phone calls of hers eclipse yours. If you've haven't been with your guy long enough to really see if he is a mama's boy,

2 He Refers to Her for Major Decisions

When you're dating a guy, you two should be the major players in the decision making right? Do you find your guy constantly going behind your back and asking his mom's opinion about major decisions? Well ladies, if you find that your guy is valuing his mom's opinion over yours, it could be the truth. You gotta face facts and fess up – talk to him about it!

3 He Compares You to Her

A true mama's boy is actually just looking for a girl that fits his mother's mold. If you find that he is constantly comparing you to his mom, constantly stating that you are just like her – it might be a sign. You might want to take an inventory of how you two are alike and see if that is why he picked you to be with.

4 He Chooses Her over You

When you're with a guy, you should be his top priority, just like he's your top priority right? Well, when a guy is choosing his mom over you, it's not a good sign. It could be something as simple as he chooses the dish that she recommends at a restaurant over your recommendation. I promise, it gets old really fast and you shouldn't settle for someone that would rather date their mother!

5 She Cleans/Feeds Him Often

Having a great relationship with your mom is fantastic, but if the guy you're seeing is constantly over his mother's house and she's even doing little things, like his laundry, there could be a problem. After all, if you two are living together, he should be independent enough to do his own laundry and not depend on his mom! This is truly one of the biggest mama's boy signs!

6 He Reveals Private Information

It's one thing to talk to your mom about your relationship, but if you guys are having problems and his mom is constantly mentioning them to you, that could be a problem. Gossip is fine between girlfriends and even if a guy has a close knit group of guy friends, but with his mother? Not cool!

7 She Visits Constantly

If he's not on the phone with her constantly, then she's showing up at your place. This is another one of those huge signs he's a mama's boy. It's okay that she visits when she's invited, but if you notice that she's dropping by whenever she wants, that's not okay!

Guys are hard to figure out, right ladies? Well, I know that these surefire 7 ways to tell if he's a mama's boy will help you weed out the men that still are hanging onto their mom! So ladies, have you ever dated a mama's boy? How was it? Share your experience!!

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