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Thankfully, there are ways to turn a boring date around if you find yourself on one. You don’t have to suffer the whole night in agony, just waiting until you can get home. Try these ways to turn a boring date around. You may just find you can’t wait for another chance to go out.

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Change the Plans

One of the easiest ways to turn a boring date around is to change the plans. If a walk in the local park is making you yawn, suggest you catch the latest sci-fi movie. Suggest bowling or getting coffee. It doesn’t really matter what else you choose, as long as it’s something that’s interesting to you and your date. A change of plans can make a world of difference.


Join Some Friends

If you find that your date is boring, join some friends. Maybe you can meet up with a couple you both like for dinner or a movie. This kind of takes the pressure off of both of you to make the date exciting. You can just enjoy chatting with a friend. This can make the date fly by. You may even decide to double date again in the future.


Take a Few Minutes Apart

Maybe you need a few minutes apart. You could try heading to the local mall and look in different shops for a half hour or so. That may be all it takes to revitalize you and spark an interesting conversation. It’s never good when your date is boring but sometimes it’s just that you’re both nervous. Shifting the pressure off of yourself can help.


Do Something Unusual

A date won’t be boring if it’s an activity that’s new to you. Choose an activity that’s different from your normal dates. Maybe you could go rock climbing or take a cooking class together. Try to think of something you’d both enjoy. It may just become that something special that you only do together.


Open up

Your date could be boring because you aren’t sharing very much. While you certainly don’t want to share every detail of your life or anything you’re not comfortable talking about, it’s good to let your date get to know you. After all, that’s kind of the point of a date. You’re dipping your feet in the pool of getting to know each other. It helps you decide if you’re interested in going further with dating.


Ask Him for Ideas

If you’re on a date and you know you’re both bored, ask him for suggestions. He may have a great idea that he’s been thinking about that you’d love to do. You’ll never know if he doesn’t tell you. Tell him you’re open to suggestions. It could end up being one of the best dates of your life.


Cut It Short

If your date isn’t going well and nothing you can think of is helping, maybe you should cut it short. It isn’t the end of the world. Maybe there’s no chemistry there or maybe it’s just an off night. You can always try again if you want. Or maybe you can go out next time as friends and have a really great time.

These are 7 suggestions to turn a boring date around. Have you been on a boring date? What did you do to deal?

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The old switcheroo. Was out to dinner falling asleep so i needed to fulfill my commitment to the date I made lol so I talked and talked and talked about this movie I wanted to see. We wrapped up dinner and caught the movie. And I didn't have to hear him talk in the theatre 🙌

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