Is πŸ€” Valentine's Day πŸ’˜ Overrated πŸ“ˆ?


Valentine’s Day is here trying to envelop everyone with its love spell and coax your wallets to open up themselves and spend those hard-earned bills for a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. I can hear some of my friends moan with the classic line I hear at this time of the year: "Is it that day again? Do I really have to get dressed up and go out to dinner?" Rounding up opinions and thoughts from them, here are reasons why Valentine’s Day is overrated:

1. Red Roses

Janice, 34, said: "Red roses all the time...seriously? They are so tacky and guess what, they die. Nothing and no one lives forever and cut flowers are among the quickest things to bite the bucket. Plus their petals turn brown and disintegrate all over my carpet." She sounds downright depressing alright but admit it, she has a point. I'm guessing what she'll say next and that is: "Cut the flowers and pay my apartment bill instead!"

The Mad Crowd


@Betty I agree my hubby and I show love and appreciation all year round so this day is not extra special to us , plus it's my mom's bday
Betty Lodge Sanborn
We skip VDay, I prefer Happy Random Tuesday!
You should show your love for someone everyday
Lex Luther
I totally agree with this outta 365 days you pick this one day too show how much I mean to you cuz society says so! Ummmmm I think not!!!!
I agree with this article!!
I think is a overrated holiday and that you don't have to wait for a certain day to show someone u love them no matter of is your husband bf best friend brother it doesn't matter
Vučenic Vana
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