5. The Color Red

"RED is synonymous with romance and love and all that fuzzy feeling that comes with being with another person? Dope reasoning," laments Eva, a marketing professional.

Of course, we can all trace red and Valentineโ€™s Day to history and legends but why not green or yellow? There were years when establishments advertised Blue or Black Valentine but those didn't quash the ever-enduring red. Not to mention all those couples wearing twin shirts or people who go red on this day. No offense, but a lot of these are just way too much.

Valentineโ€™s is for Couples


You should show your love for someone everyday
Lex Luther
I totally agree with this outta 365 days you pick this one day too show how much I mean to you cuz society says so! Ummmmm I think not!!!!
I agree with this article!!
I think is a overrated holiday and that you don't have to wait for a certain day to show someone u love them no matter of is your husband bf best friend brother it doesn't matter
Vuฤenic Vana
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