7. Being Flirtatious with Other Men

Being flirtatious with other men is not going to do your marriage any favors. In fact, it can actually do it a lot of damage. It is one thing to be friendly and a totally different thing to be flirty. And only you know what your intention truly is

. If you have been flirty with other men on occasion, ask yourself why and think about how you can change that behavior. Your marriage will be much happier if you save your flirting for your husband.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think will sabotage a marriage? Have you ever caught yourself in one of these actions?


Very good article. My sister needs to have a read off this :0
Quite nice!!! I am recently married, so i have been reading quite some articles like this. Thats very helpful. Thanks for sharing the wisdom
Don't stop trying just because you're "comfortable".
What about looking the other way when your spouse cheats?
Susan Buck
Very interesting
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