7 Ways Your Body πŸ’ƒ and Brain 🧠 Change when You Fall in Love πŸ’˜ ...

I think we can all agree on the fact that when you fall in love, your emotions can change from one thing to another in an absolute split second. All of a sudden, you can be seeing things and feeling things in a completely different way all because your heart has been stolen by someone special. However, did you know that actual changes in your body and brain can be registered too alongside this emotional changes? Here are seven ways that your body and brain change when you fall in love.

1. Blood Pressure

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Lust and passion are emotions that can really get your blood pumping, but the longer lasting, more secure feeling of being in love is something that can actually help to regulate your blood pressure and keep it on much lower, more even level.

2. Stress

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You can feel more or less stressed when you fall in love, depending on the individual circumstances of your situation! There is the initial anxiety of having a crush and wondering if they like you back, and then a whole different stressful feeling when you are together and trying to make things work! It’s all worth it though, in my opinion!

3. Safety

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You will much safer and secure in your mind because you now have the reassurance of a partner to help you through life. The sense of relief at known you no longer have to do things on your own can almost feel like a physical weight off your shoulders.

4. Butterflies

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Butterflies are the perfect combination of brain and body feelings coming together! Your romantic nervousness sends a signal straight to your stomach to set it a flutter, and that’s one of the most classic signs of love that there is!

5. Happiness

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When you are in love, the levels of dopamine that are released into your body are higher than ever before. This related to the pleasure centre of your brain, making you feel more happy and giddy than when you aren’t in love.

6. Less Pain

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Being in love has actually been proven to have pain reducing qualities! Some people believe that it comes in the form of being so consumed by your love and your partner that you are less susceptible to reacting to smaller doses of pain that might have taken up more of your thought process previously.

7. Addiction

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Love is not a substance, it’s not sugar or nicotine, but it can be just as damn addictive! When you love someone, you will feel a physical need for them in just the same way that you might crave an ice cold beverage on a hot day.

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