8 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Find Love ...


Wondering how to find love? It's not as easy as going to the store and picking out the perfect dress, that's for sure! If you're having trouble finding a partner, then it can help to enlist the assistance of your friends. They have brothers, colleagues, and boyfriends with friends, so here are some tips on how to find love with the help of your friends …

1. Introductions

Friends are a great source of potential contacts that could lead to love. As I mentioned above, each of your friends may have a boyfriend who has single friends, brothers, or male colleagues they can introduce you to. So get acquainted with their connections - you never know what it could lead to!

Social Circle


Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Kelly, welcome to All Women Stalk! Excellent points all around. It's also good to know that the people you trust have vouched for someone you're about to meet.
Kelly Manchester
I think friends and social circles are the best sources of finding new people to meet. At least if your friend knows them, they can give you some information---instead of you meeting someone you don't know on the internet.
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