5 Ways You're Leading Him on πŸŒ€ without Actually Realizing πŸ‘πŸ‘ It ...

We never mean to, but sometimes girls found themselves in a situation where they are accused of leading a guy on. Once you know the ways you're leading him on, you can make changes to stop. Of course, some girls do it intentionally for a laugh or kicks, but on the whole, this kind of behaviour tends to happen without you even knowing that you are doing it. Has a budding relationship you’ve had ever broken down unexpectedly because he told you you were leading him on and you didn’t even realise? It’s much more common than you might think, and here are five ways you're leading him on without even being aware.

1. Being over Nice

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In the early stages of any new relationship, it’s human nature to turn the nice levels up a couple of notches above your usual attitude. Sometimes, especially when starting a new platonic friendship is developing with a guy, you can just be nice and he can confuse that for signs that you are genuinely interested in him romantically. Just be careful of not crossing that line between being friendly and being flirty. You could cause a poor guy to fall for you unnecessarily! Being too nice is one of the worst ways you're leading him on.

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