9. Pretending You're Fine

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In life we tend to tuck away pain out of fear of argument or upsetting our significant other or someone else. When that pain or frustration is hidden it's allowed to fester inside which ends up building a wall between you and love. Instead of allowing this to happen you need to face your issues head on.

Rejecting Compliments and Affirmations


If You r shy you've had it !!
I think I'm guilty of the last point. I tend to be overly busy sometimes. But it's a good thing my partner is understanding.
What about trust issues? I mean, how about single people who've never been in a relationship before?
peony blue
This is a problem for loads of women. The drama makes you believe you are better off single,not true! Sometimes u have to learn about yourself and change your pattern of choosing a party so it doesn't...
How cant be shyness one of them
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