What do His Touches Mean

By Holly

Different types of touches mean different things. Luckily, Love Panky has it all figured out. So the next time your partner touches you, here's what it most likely means:

Table of contents:

  1. resting head or face on shoulders
  2. a hug
  3. arm around waist
  4. forehead against forehead
  5. hands on neck
  6. touching your hair
  7. holding one’s hand
  8. pat on the back
  9. rubbing your arm
  10. both hands on shoulders
  11. cheek to cheek
  12. rubbing your palm
  13. rubbing your inner thigh
  14. a squeezing hug
  15. arm over the shoulder
  16. hands on face
  17. gripping your arm

1 Resting Head or Face on Shoulders

This is an expression of familiarity and comfort, wanting to be closer, and asking for affection. It feels secure and right.

2 A Hug

A hug is a general greeting among familials, but when your crush does it, is a greeting, a request for intimacy, or a gesture that denotes comfort.

3 Arm around Waist

This is an intimate gesture that demonstrates protectiveness, affection, and familiarity. Even might be seen as possession.

4 Forehead against Forehead

A beautifully intimate gesture that shows love, affection, and a plea for closeness. It is an action between couples who are close and comfortable with each other.

5 Hands on Neck

The neck is a surprisingly intimate, erotic and emotional area when it comes to touching. A hand on your neck shows protectiveness, wanting to increase intimacy, and trying to express comfort.

6 Touching Your Hair

Both sexes like their hair to be touched, stroked or played with. It expresses familiarity and a need to be closer."

7 Holding One’s Hand

This is a plea for closeness, guidance, a need for security, solidification of a friendship or pact, and reaching out to make a connection.

8 Pat on the Back

This is a classic indicator of two different things: the first being a showing of pride over an achievement, and the second being a more tender showing of empathy if you happen to be upset.

9 Rubbing Your Arm

Rubbing someone’s arm suggest a desire for further closeness but a lack of confidence to really go for it, so he’s probably sending you a signal that he wants to be more intimate!

10 Both Hands on Shoulders

When he places both his hands on your shoulders, it’s a sign that he wants to take up all of your attention. Think about it, you have no choice but to look straight into his eyes!

11 Cheek to Cheek

If he holds his cheek a little longer than usual when you kiss each other hello or goodnight, it’s a pretty traditional signifier that he would rather be kissing you on the mouth!

12 Rubbing Your Palm

If you are holding hands and he makes the move to start rubbing your palm, you can be assured that he feels very protective of you and also wants to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

13 Rubbing Your Inner Thigh

There is only one place the night is headed when the thigh rubbing starts to happen! This is a classic starter move for somebody who wants to take things a whole lot further!

14 A Squeezing Hug

This is different to a regular hug in the sense that it portrays a much stronger longing and need to be close and intimate with the person being squeezed. A squeeze hug is always reserved for the ones we love the most.

15 Arm over the Shoulder

This is a classic courting sign, when a guy puts his arm around you it’s to let others nearby know that he wants you all to himself! It’s a very protective gesture.

16 Hands on Face

This is another affectionate, intimate gesture that denotes complete closeness between you and him. He wants to hold you in a way that strangers and mere acquaintances don’t get to do.

17 Gripping Your Arm

I don’t mean in an aggressive way, but more in a reassuring, cute way, perhaps when you are in a crowd and he gives you a quick squeeze to let you know he’s still there. It can be very comforting.

Has your crush touched you in any of these ways lately?

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