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What do We Really Mean when We Say I Love You ?

By Curtis

What do we really mean when we say “I love you”? For those who have been in a serious relationship and have said, "I love you" to your significant other, you may be wondering what do we really mean when we say “I love you”? What are we saying to our partners? What do those three powerful words mean to us?

What I have experienced in my love life is that I have to constantly choose to love my partner. I have to take the very good, the good, the bad, and the ugly of my partner. I have to able to accept my partner for who she is and what she could possibly become. Not to be quick to judge, but to allow myself to have an open mind and heart to be able to communicate effectively with her. I have to be willing to listen and hear the problems my love is having in her life. For me, choosing to love is not only a job, but it’s something that has to be done every day of our lives.

By choosing to love, we can experience a better future with our partner. The reason for choosing to love is to build an ever-growing relationship that will blossom ten times over. No matter what trials and tribulation rolls over you and your significant other, choose to love them with your whole being, and watch how your love will take you to new heights that you never dreamed of reaching. Choose to love and live a loving life.

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