Girl's Guide to Deciphering Each Type of Kiss ...


Girl's Guide to Deciphering Each Type of Kiss ...
Girl's Guide to Deciphering Each Type of Kiss ...

Not every kiss is equal. When a man presses his lips against your neck it means something completely different than when he places a kiss against your hand. That's why you should pay special attention to exactly where his lips go, so that you don't end up misinterpreting his signals. Here's what each type of kiss actually means:

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Forehead If he presses his lips against your forehead, then it means that he loves you. A man that's only interested in sex isn't going to take the time to perform a sweet, innocent gesture like that. After all, forehead kisses are completely selfless. They're not going to lead to sex. They're just meant to show you how much he cares.


A peck on the forehead is synonymous with protection and respect. It's a gesture that often reflects a deep sense of admiration and conveys a message of genuine affection rather than lust. This tender act can also be a silent reassurance during moments of stress or sadness, offering comfort without the need for words. It's his way of saying you're cherished and that there's more to your relationship than physical attraction. A forehead kiss is truly a hallmark of intimacy that transcends the physical—it's a connection of the soul.



Lips This is the most confusing out of all of the kisses, because it can mean two completely different things. A man might press his lips against yours, because he's madly in love with you and wants to give you affection. However, he might be doing it to turn you on, so that he can initiate sex. Of course, it could mean both! The love of your life will still give you sexy kisses, you know!


Kisses on the lips are the classic hallmark of romance, yet they come with a dual message that only you can truly decode. Is it that soft, lingering touch that sets your heart fluttering – a signal of deep emotional connection? Or perhaps a more urgent, pressing sensation that hints at a desire for physical closeness? It's all about context and body language. Pay attention to the way he holds you, his gaze, and the tempo of his breath – they all weave the story behind his kiss. Often, it's a sultry blend of love and lust.


Down below

Down below If he's pressing his lips against your lower body, then he means business. Of course, if all of his kisses take place below the belt, and he never puts his lips against your face, then he's only interested in a sexual relationship with you.


Kissing is a language all its own, and when he kisses your lower body, it's like he's spelling out his intentions without uttering a single word. It's a bold move, one that's laden with desire and unspoken promises of pleasure. But, remember, intimacy is about connection, and if those kisses aren't paired with affectionate pecks on your forehead, cheeks, or lips, it might be time to ponder the depth and direction of your relationship. Because true passion isn't just about satisfying carnal needs—it's about cherishing you, wholly and completely.



Cheek A kiss on the cheek is a friendly gesture. It's something that might happen between two lovers, two friends, or two family members. Out of all of the kisses, this one is the least sexual. It can be completely platonic, so don't get too excited if your crush kisses you on the cheek when you arrive at a party. He might be doing that to everyone, which means it doesn't mean what you want it to mean.



Neck Neck kisses are arguably the best kisses of all. Of course, they tend to lead to sex. That means that your man might be choosing to kiss you in the spot, because he knows that it's going to turn you on enough to take off your clothes. But who knows? Maybe he's just pressing his lips there, because he knows you enjoy it, and he genuinely wants you to be happy.



Hand Hand kisses are rare these days. If someone presses their lips against the back of your hand, then he's definitely a true blue gentleman. However, this kiss is similar to the cheek kiss. It could be sexual, but most of the time it's purely platonic. It happens when a man is trying to be charming, not when he's trying to be seductive.



Back Your back isn't typically exposed, so if a man kisses you there, then you're probably cuddling in bed together. If he places a kiss in the spot while he's the big spoon and you're the little spoon, it's a loving gesture. It shows that he loves every inch of your body and wants you to know it. He just can't keep his lips off of you.


Eskimo Kiss

human action, person, mouth, romance, interaction, Commonly used between parents and children, or is said to be used by couples in cold climates so their lips don't stick like Flick on the flagpole (Christmas Story-hello!). It's an endearing sign of affection between two people; and let's face it... Totes Sweet!


Single Lip Kiss

human action, person, black and white, kiss, photography, This kiss involves kissing a single lip on your partner and gently sucking it. When done correctly, you could send some serious sexual vibes to your partner; when done incorrectly, you risk drawing blood. Eek!


The Butterfly Kiss

human action, person, hair, blond, nose, Such a sweet name for such an intimate move. This involves getting so close your eyelashes brush, now blink quickly and it's like a butterfly tickling your cheek. This kiss is done for fun and is a good way to lighten a tense mood with you and your partner.

Now you know what each type of kiss means, so you won't be confused when a man lays one on you. What's your favorite type of kiss?

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Neck kisses forever be please! :-)

Neck and back kisses

Any except hand :-)

I love how you nails this point about kissing.

Hi my name is Eric Anfuso and I live in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

What about when he takes his hands and pulls your face up to his?

Ear kisses are one of the best too :)

Kisses on the forehead and the neck. 😚

@Egypt my favorite!

Neck, back, and forehead are my faves

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