What ❓ Each Zodiac Sign ♒️♍️♈️♑️ Means 💭 when They Say 💬 'I Love You' 💘 ...


Ever wondered what each zodiac sign means when they say ‘I love you’? When it comes to personal relationships goals, we all long for someone to say the classic three words to us - 'I love you' Just three simple words, but they can carry so much meaning along with them! Indeed, the fact that ‘I love you’ is a phrase that can carry so many differently layered meanings can lead to a lot of confusion amongst people if intentions and feelings aren’t made totally clear. If you are trying to solve your own personal ‘I love you’ mystery, then you might be able to find some help based on astrology. Here is what each zodiac sign means when they say ‘I love you’.

1. Aries

I’m not only in romantic love with you, but I’m in love with every single thing that you do, from the way you tie your laces to the way you brush your hair.

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