2. Move Your Tongue around Slowly

The biggest mistake you can make while French kissing is moving your tongue too quickly. It isn't a race. Your partner isn't going to be impressed by how quickly you're able to dart your tongue around. Move slowly, in order to make the gesture as passionate as possible. Take your time.

Swirl Your Tongue in a Circular Motion


Sapna Pathak
Good ones but alphabet really
It's funny when you say " French kiss is like a regular kiss " Cause for us (French people) french kiss IS the regular kiss, the other one with just the lips we don't really consider it like a real ki...
Francesca Rose
French kissing is not for me. Maybe because the guy was a bad kisser and on the wet side. Lol
Pinkz Marquillero
ahahaha! I think this is funny!
Lol! This is very funny...do ppl really need advice on this?
Beryl Stokes
Oh yuck ! And how does one actually dot the " I" and do the " q" and does one write as in a mirror - all backwards ? Probably had some in my youth but thankfully not for years. Curry anyone ?
TRY WRITING THE ALPHABET WITH YOUR TONGUE"! Maybe it would be interesting to write an entire love letter!
Will definitely try the alphabet ish
I expected better. But with no editor, or a really bad one, what do you expect... yeah this was bad, I just wanted to watch the train wreck go by, but it DID remind me of a time that I had broken up "...
@N8alie. Be glad your parents love each other!
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