This πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡ is What Happens πŸ™Š when You're Too Choosy πŸ€” when Dating πŸ’‘ ...

What happens when you're too choosy when dating?

For many of us, the dating game can be extremely difficult. Do you find that go on a string of dates with different guys that never ever come to anything? Have you ever taken a second to consider exactly why none of these potential love connections never actually work? When you really think about, a lot of these missed connections arise from the fact that just one small thing about a guy puts you off the whole package. Is this really fair? Here’s what happens when you’re too choosy when dating.

1. All Dressed up with No Place to Go

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You’ve burned through all of your lined up dates and disregarded them for this or for that. Maybe he was too short, maybe he was too tall, maybe he didn’t hold the door open for you on your way out of the restaurant. The only problem now is that it’s Friday night and you don’t have anything to do! What happens when you're too choosy when dating is that you find yourself with nowhere to go and no one to be with.

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