What "I do" Really Means ...


Marriage is a special commitment that should be taken seriously. It's not something that you should carelessly jump into for the hell of it. You should only take the leap if you're deeply in love with your partner and believe that you two can last a lifetime together. If you think that you and your partner have what it takes to become an old married couple, then you should remember that this is what "I do" really means:

1. You’ll Be Faithful

When you say your vows in front of your family and friends, you're basically pledging your loyalty to your partner. While it would've been wrong for you to cheat on your partner while you were dating, at least you could've left them for that other person if you felt the need. However, if you agree to marry someone, you're giving up your right to leave them for someone else. Sure, divorce is always an option, but it's much more difficult to leave someone once you're married--and it's much more hurtful, too.

You’ll Be the Best Partner You Can Be


@whatevery I've been married 10 years together for 14 your so right !!!!
Who's the designer of the dress used on the cover?
Why is the whole tone of this article sounds so depressing. It's true that marriage ain't always sunshine and sparkle, but with love and support, things listed should never be issues one need to 'work...
So true. Its beautiful when a relationship is like this.
This is all true things about getting married or is also when you are in serious commitment the same is true
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