What is the Real Meaning of Love ?


What is the Real Meaning of Love ?
What is the Real Meaning of Love ?

What is the real meaning of love? Does anyone know the true meaning of love these days? Is love supposed to hurt? Is love supposed to fluctuate? Does love have a measuring scale? Where can love be found?

Love has received a negative connotation. Love seems to be far-fetched and hard to find. It's hard to grasp and hold onto in this day and age. So many of us want to be loved and want to love someone.

There are many shallow interpretations of love, and it is sad that many of us have been, and continue to be hurt by love. It has gotten to the point where many people are even terrified of this thing called love. We go to great lengths searching, wishing, hoping for love, but where is it? Is it bound to happen or even come?

First and foremost, we must love ourselves in order to know what love is. If we do not know how to first love ourselves, then how on earth will we know how to love anyone else? So what is the real meaning of love?

There's more to a relationship than just having a partner. We have to understand that with having a partner come some responsibilities that you aren't ready for. Trust and believe that there isn't anything wrong with being alone until you are good and ready to take on that responsibility.

Many of us want a relationship and love because we see other people with it, but does that mean we know what that entails? So many breakups occur because someone was just not ready from the very beginning. When there's no stable foundation, that foundation tends to crumble and fall.

There's lack of communication in many of our relationships, and this the number one deal breaker.

There are so many components to relationships and without them, a relationship is doomed. Love does wait, but love requires patience, diligence and persistence. It hurts to see so many breakups when there should be far fewer of them.

There should be less people hurting and more people loving. We have taken love for granted and this is why this thing called love isn't taken seriously anymore. Love is not a game or a joke, but it is supposed to bring people closer together in harmony and joy. Love is supposes to be for keeps. Many search high and low for love, only to be disappointed in the short or long term. Love is to be treasured and honored.

Let's get a food understanding of what love is before we involve ourselves. It isn't to be taken lightly. Know that once you love a person, that person will take it to heart. Let's stop giving love a bad name and let's stop deterring people from it. LET'S LEARN THE REAL TRUE MEANING OF LOVE.

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