What It Means when You're Straight but You Had a Gay Dream ...


What It Means when You're Straight but You Had a Gay Dream ...
What It Means when You're Straight but You Had a Gay Dream ...

Wondering what it means if you're straight and have a gay dream? So, you’ve got into bed, text your boyfriend goodnight, fallen into a sweet slumber, only to wake up having had a hot and steamy dream involving a member of the same sex! The first thing to say about this is to relax, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are switching teams all of a sudden, although know that you are free to experiment! Same-sex dreams are incredibly common, especially among women, and if you want to examine the issue from a psychological perspective, there are actually a handful of really interesting explanations for why a straight woman might conjure up a passionate slumber session with another girl. Check out what it means if you're straight and have a gay dream.

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Strong Friendship

We often talk about the fact that we love our friends, and sometimes, to the subconscious and the unconscious mind, this kind of love can be substituted for romantic kind. If you have a particularly strong bond with a friend, co-worker, etc. then it is very common to experience a dream where you might be acting like more than friends! It’s just one of the many different ways that an outpouring of strong connection can be manifested and one of the top explanations for what it means if you're straight and have a gay dream.


Gender Roles

Have you been thinking a lot about gender roles recently? If you have been engaging in discussions about feminism and have been challenging those types of gender boundaries in your life, then it makes perfect sense that your dream state might throw in a few interesting gender and identity-based visuals for you while your mind is doing jumping jacks at night. It could be that, rather than discovering all of a sudden that you are attracted to women, that instead you have been educating yourself and opening your mind to a whole spectrum of sexuality. It just so happens that in this particular instance, your subconscious thoughts have decided to put on this little performance for you to enjoy while you snooze!


Are You Pregnant?

We don’t want to be the first ones to tell you, but is there a possibility that you could be expecting!? There are couple of different theories about having same sex physical dreams while you are pregnant, one of which is the fact that your hormones will be racing like a rollercoaster within your body, which can manifest in a whole host of strange and interesting dreams while you are sleeping. The other theory is the argument that carrying a child is arguably one of the most feminine things that you can ever do in your life, and therefore it makes some kind of sense that your body might be going into overdrive with regards reveling in all of the different ladylike parts of your persona.

No matter the extent of the dream, the thing to remember is that it was just that - a dream! The night before you dreamt that you were Godzilla on top of the Empire State Building, so this one doesn’t necessarily need extra thought either!

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