What It's like to Sleep 🛌 with Someone Who Has a Large 👐🏼 Penis 🍆 ...

So, the stereotype is that everyone who likes dick wants to sleep with someone with a big penis, yes? You hear it all the time. The belief is that if you're into guys, whether you're a guy or a girl yourself, you want someone with a very large unit. The idea, of course, is that it's impossible to be sexually satisfied with a small penis, and large disco sticks provide you with far more pleasure. Before I came out, I had the … ahem, the opportunity to have sex with a dude who had a huge unit. It was 'YUUUUGE, in fact. So, even though I am now a very happily married lesbian, let me shine some light on the subject. Here's what it's like when you meet a guy who's got a big ol' eggplant.

1. You Need to Find the Right Sexual Position

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This is terribly important. Eventually, once your body is really ready (and used to all that length and/or girth), you may well be able to tackle any position imaginable, but the first time, keep it slow and steady. Err on the side of caution, even if it means missionary.

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