What Kind of Lover Are You?


What Kind of  Lover Are You?
What Kind of  Lover Are You?

We all have our own ideas of love and that equates to there being many different kinds of lovers. Love might make the world go round but it’s the many characters that make it so colorful. Let’s see which kind of lover you are and how many other types you have encountered in your dating adventures.

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The Giver

The Giver A selfless lover who always puts their partner first in every situation, often accompanied by an unjustified feeling of low self esteem.


The Taker

The Taker A somewhat selfish lover who always wants thing to go the way that they want, both in terms of the bedroom and all other relationship aspects.


The Romancer

The Romancer The romantic is full of gestures and dating him is all about the wooing. Be prepared for romantic gestures, big and small.


The Pleaser

The Pleaser A thoughtful lover who will go out of their way to please their partner in every way possible; an unconditional love giver.


The Selfish Lover

The Selfish Lover The selfish lover will always think twice about their actions, considering what will be in it for them before they agree to anything.


The Passionate Lover

The Passionate Lover The passionate lover has a great deal of expertise in one department, yep, that’s right, the bedroom! The passionate nature can also be shown through lots of spontaneity and romantic surprises.


The Controller

The Controller This type of lover, on the outside can seem very caring and helpful, but underneath there is always a hint of control and manipulation.


The Overlooker

The Overlooker This type of lover can notice all of your flaws, but chooses to overlook them in favor of all of the positive things about you.


The Doubter

The Doubter The doubter is the kind of lover than you can get to fully trust you, perhaps because they have been hurt before in previous romances.


The Actor

The Actor The actor is a type of lover that always puts up something of a front in order to guard themselves from becoming hurt.


The Drama Seeker

The Drama Seeker This type of lover is high maintenance and will always be looking to start a dramatic argument out of every little thing.


The Straying Lover

The Straying Lover This is the kind of lover that gets bored very easily and is constantly on the look out to move on and start a fresh chapter before things get stale.


The Loyal Lover

The Loyal Lover The loyal lover is the person that chooses to stick with their partner through thin and thin, even when it might mean going up against their very own friends and family.


The Helper

The Helper The helper is a wonderfully supportive lover, always ready to lend a hand whether physically in everyday life or in a more subtle, emotional sense.


The Material Lover

The Material Lover This type of lover is much more focused on wealth, physical possessions and popularity than the essence of romance, which can make for a disappointing and exhausting relationship.


The Compromiser

The Compromiser The compromiser is the type of lover who is willing to let the small things go in order for the relationship to continue in a healthy way.


The Possessive Lover

The Possessive Lover A possessive lover can love you more than any other, but there is a downside in the fact that they can be slightly overbearing and unnecessarily protective of you.


The Jealous Lover

The Jealous Lover A relationship with a jealous lover can be wonderfully passionate, but it can also turn south very quickly when their jealous nature begins to come to the surface.


The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast Every day is something new. They want to experience every emotion and every aspect of love and relationships. For them, love is about making memories.

I think most of us would be a composite of some of these but if you had to pigeonhole yourself, which kind of lover are you? Me? I’m the passionate controller!

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Can't help but think these types of articles are very unhelpful. Why do we feel the need to label and/or be labelled? Neecey I usually love your articles, but this one let me down.

Giver, pleaser, passionate, loyal, enthusiast... I'm a emotional one too, I could say I really put my everything into it, fully devoted! ^_^

I guess, I'm all of the above! ahahaha

Wendy! You can't be! I am!

I am a true pleaser when it comes to love.

I'm a mongrel. A mix of many.


The material lover must be shot with an expensive machine gun !!! Loooooooooooool

The selfish lover needs a good slap across the face to make him realise reality 🌠

Very helpful Neecey would u pls write an article about the shabby chic style for bedrooms ? Thank u :)

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