What 🤔 Love ❤️ Means to You 💭 Based on Your Zodiac Sign ♓️♏️♒️♍️ ...

One of the best and craziest things about love is that, even though most people get to feel and express it over the course of their lives, it can mean something totally different in one mind to the next! I guess that is why it feels so special and so right when you finally find someone who shares those same opinions. Here is what love means to you according to your own zodiac sign.

1. Aries

The little things that you do for your partner define love for you, as well as the little things that your partner does for you. It’s the small things that really count, not the grand gestures.

2. Taurus

What you crave the most from being in love is that sense of total comfort that comes from being romantically linked and stable. Love means security for a Taurus.

3. Gemini

Love to you means heartfelt talks in the middle of the night and whispering sweet nothings to one another; that real intimate emotional connection that you can enjoy with a partner.

4. Cancer

Love means finding someone who can make you feel completely at peace with yourself and with the world in general. You need that special person by your side to help you feel complete.

5. Leo

For a Leo, love means being totally spoilt, both in an emotional sense and a material sense! You never say no to a special gift or four!

6. Virgo

For a sensitive Virgo, true love means being able to say anything you need to to a partner without the fear of being judged. You need a lot of emotional connection.

7. Libra

Love means having someone who is always going to be by your side to accompany you on your many crazy adventures! You need someone who can really keep up with you!

8. Scorpio

It’s kind of a cliché, but for a Scorpio, love means never having to say you're sorry! You want to feel completely at peace and at home with a partner, never having to step on eggshells.

9. Sagittarius

You are fiercely independent, so for you love isn’t about being claimed as someone’s property, it’s about finding someone who can add to the life that you already love!

10. Capricorn

For a traditional Capricorn, love is about about going through those classic motions from courting to wedding to the house with a family and a dog. You want it all!

11. Aquarius

You understand that love doesn’t mean one single thing. You are mature enough to take the good times and the bad times in equal measure, which is the best way to be.

12. Pisces

For an inquisitive Pisces, love doesn’t mean anything until it happens to you. You don’t enter into it with any expectations, because you are more interested in creating your own story as you go.