4. Strong Women Are a Lot of Work

These days, people are all about instant gratification, but why work so hard to get a strong woman when you can do the bare minimum and get the easy chick? Strong women are hard to get. We know our worth and will not let anyone devalue us and will not deviate from what we truly want just for the sake of saying, “I have a man”. Strong women are not materialistic and the attributes that impress them cannot be bought at a store.

They care only about what you can offer them that doesn’t have monetary value as those are the qualities that will enrich and fulfill them.

Strong women are not hard to get. However, it takes a little bit more of an effort to get them. They will not settle for mediocrity in their personal lives and certainly not in their love lives. They desire and require more than the bare minimum of what a lot of other women accept and they know they are worth it. They set standards for themselves and it’s up to you to rise to the occasion, especially if she’s worth it. Not all strong women are worth that effort but just as strong women are perceptive, it’s up to men to see the value in the woman before him rather than comparing her to others.


I love this article, I’m a strong woman and proud of it. Here’s to strong women everywhere.
Kranti Kanade
Excellent! I am very pleased and impressed how this article correctly described strong woman andwhat kind of women like myself.
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