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What Science Tells Us about How Men Fall in Love ...

By Sici

When it comes to romance, you can spend your entire life trying to figure out what it is that make people fall for each other! All of the great romances and even the rom coms would have you believe that there is no telling what it might be, after all, nothing makes less sense than the concept of love at first sight! However, there are a few different scientific things clues that you can learn, for guys especially! Here is what science tells us about how men fall in love!

1 Quicker Pace

Men actually fall in love quicker than women do, even if it doesn’t always feel like it! A university study found that men are more likely to be the one in the relationship that say ‘I love you’ first, and to build up the courage and certainty to say it, it shows that they must have been feeling those strong emotions for a longer time.

2 Attracted to Happiness

It might not specifically be a male thing, but it is true that men tend to be more attracted to women who come across as naturally and vivaciously happy. Whilst some of us women have been guilty of falling for the strong, silent, moody type in the opposite sex, guys are much more likely to find attraction in women who seem light, breezy, fun, and ready for a laugh.

3 Physically Expressive

Guys don’t always like to have to play the guessing game when it comes to feelings and emotions, coupled with the fact that they don’t tend to be as astute as women are in that department anyway. Because of this, it’s much more likely for a man to fall for a woman who is very physically expressive and easy to read; it makes them feel more connected and comfortable not to have to work hard and dig deep to understand.

4 Eyes over Noses

We put a lot of effort into picking out perfumes that we think are going drive men wild with lust and desire, but the truth of the matter is that a guy pays much more attention with his eyes than he does with his nose! His sense of smell does very little to determine is attraction and feelings of love, but visually stimulating him is a whole other story.

5 Hard to Get

There is an element of the old hunter-gatherer nature in a guy that means he still enjoys a game of hard to get on the right occasion. You have to play it just right so that he can see you are interested, but are inviting him to do some chasing. His masculinity won’t want to turn down such a challenge, and he will fall in love with the thrill of the game!

6 Motherly Influence

The age of a guy’s mother can have a big impact on who he falls in love with, and how. Basically, the Freudian take is that men tend to be most strongly attracted to women who are close in age to their owns mums. It might not be something you want to think about, but studies have proven it to be a thing!

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